Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Janky Lightbox Success!

I received a light box last Christmas from my husband, the first I'd ever had. It's really great and works well for small things like the jewelry that I make. However, it is not so great for larger things like my hand knits. I have been struggling to make it work because it did cost a fair amount of money, but it just wasn't meant for the types of things I've been trying to use it for. As a result, I have been scouring the interwebs to find a cheap and easy (relatively) way to make my own light box that will do the trick for photographing my stuff. I want to list more things in my Etsy store but don't have the models to do so. 

Problem solved. I found a video on youtube, which I will link below, that helped me to create a cheap solution to the light box problem. Mine doesn't look exactly like theirs but they did give me all of the general ideas. 

What do you need?

* 3 fold able poster boards
* Approximately 2 yards of a cheap white fabric. Cotton is best as irons well and is inexpensive

Total cost of this DIY: about $12 - Win in my book. The ones that I was looking at on Amazon were running around $50 a pop!

I'm not going to do a full fledged tutorial, as the video covers that, but I just wanted to share my success. (I promise it's as cluttered in that room as it looks. Please pretend it isn't messy. I have no excuses for it!)

Not too shabby eh? I love how I can fold the two sides in for easy storage. 

Honestly it worked pretty well for taking photos too. I had to do a little editing but overall I am please with this little DIY. Kind of a pain to make but again, I saved about $40 so it's worth it. 

Samples from first round of photos in light box:

Link to video:

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